Crude enzyme preparations

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Thu Mar 15 21:18:29 EST 2001

dsummers at (Dana Summers) wrote:
:I am enrolled in a enzyme/biochemistry class at Northwestern College.
:Each student drew from a box various enzymes that are currently
:manufactured and is required to research that enzyme (where it comes
:from, what it is used for, how to test its activity, how it is
:isolated/manufactured etc.)  I have been paired up with two other
:students one who is researching phospholipase A2, the other chymotrypsin
:and for myself I have trypsin. All three of us have obtained the
:procedures on how to assay the 3 enzymes and  have obtained commercial
:samples of each enzyme and have performed the assays with good success.
:The three of us have yet to find any methods in the manufacturing of
:these enzymes ( hopefully from swine pancreas since we have access to
:this tissue) to make our own crude preparations of these enzymes so that
:we can test their activity. Any help would be greatly appreciated by the
:three of us since the semester is coming to a close very soon. Kevin

Since this is class assigment, I'll only give a hint:
database searches and manufacturers' catalogs.

        - Dima

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