pH inside E.coli?

Emir Khatipov ekhatipo at
Sun Mar 18 16:54:28 EST 2001

In simple words, according to Mitchell theory, to ensure electron-transport
flow, the intracellular pH should be higher so that protons are pumped out
through the ATPase to generate ATP. As far as I remember from the old days,
intracellular pH should be ~1 pH unit (i.e., 1 log [H+]) higher than
extracellular to ensure transmembrane electron transfer (i.e., [H+] 1 log
higher inside. Moreover, I remember that such differences are measurable and
were in fact measured using specific reagents (don't remember names
anymore - somebody remind!) that would change color like pH indicators once
they enter the cell.

Sorry for no details. I am sure you can find all you need in any textbook on


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> Could anyone fill me on what the pH is within the E.coli cytplasm?
> Thanks,
> KM

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