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Frank Fuerst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Mar 23 12:35:49 EST 2001

bmadhan at lycos.com ("madhan gopal") wrote:

>Respected Sir/Madam
>I am a student doing Ph.D at Central Leather Research 
>Institute in India.
>I want to know the max absorption (UV-visible) wave length of 
>type I collagen solution. 

I don't know exactly, but since it is a protein, it will be somewhere
around 280nm (most of the proteins are within +- 3 nm of that, I'd

>And how can one decrease polarity to effect a red shift for the same.

The absorption is not very much affected by the polarity of the
environment; the effect is easier seen in flourescence. It's easier to
increase polarity (by denaturing the protein in aqueous buffer), but
you can try adding hydrophobic, water soluble things. But be aware
that they will do more - e.g. alcohols tend to induce alpha-helix

What do you want to do? Perhaps we know a better way to solve the
underlying problem.

Bye, Frank

P.S. Just comes to my mind: Does one frequently use pig skin to make
leather in india, or does one take cow skin and leave the job to
non-Hindu people?

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