His-tagged proteins....

ChenHA hzhen at freeuk.com
Mon Mar 26 19:04:49 EST 2001

Michael Witty wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, ChenHA wrote:
> > Frank Fuerst wrote:
> > > But the hist tag might well interfere with crystallization (it might
> > > even improve it...).
> > There are anecdotal evidence that suggest that the his tag may help
> > improve crystallization (and you won't see the his-tag in the
> > crystal).  Therefore nothing should be removed unless there are
> > reasons to do so.
> Dear Chen,
>          I agree.  But could you tell me if there are any pdb files you
> know of that DO have the coordinates of a his tag (maybe with Ni in
> place).  It would be interesting to be able to display one.  Mike.

I'm afraid I don't have one.  It is interesting that the His tag is in
fact not seen in the crystal structures of His-tagged proteins I had a
look at.  I would assume that the his tag is too unstructured to be

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