His-tagged proteins....

ChenHA hzhen at freeuk.com
Mon Mar 26 19:16:48 EST 2001

Simon Holton wrote:
> Can you expand a little on the anecdotal evidence you mention?

Well, anecdotal evidence is not something that you can cite in paper,
but from the few crystallographers I have spoken to, it would seem
that they have been able to crystallise some proteins only when the
his tag is present.  From what I was told, it would appeared that the
his tag helped to make the protein mono-disperse in solution.

This of course doesn't mean that all proteins may benefit from having
a his tag in their crystallisation, just that some (I stress some)
may.  Therefore, if a protein is his tagged, it is probably worth
trying to crystallise the his tagged protein first and only remove the
his tag when it doesn't crystallise.

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