Acetone pellets and protein insolubility

Mitchell Isaacs misaacs at
Mon May 21 06:38:20 EST 2001

"Paul Cullen" <Paul.Cullen at> wrote in message
news:3B08CB2D.B0DA9B1D at
> Hi everyone,
> I am acetone precipitating proteins from the aqueous and detergent
> phases of a Triton X114 extraction. The problem is that the pellets if
> allowed to dry become hard like rocks and insoluble in normal 1D sample
> buffer for protein gels. I want to store the precipitated proteins for
> several weeks before I go to a specialised proteomics facility. I am
> worried if I freeze dry these pellets that they won't be of any use when
> i get to the proteomics facility. These are the ideas I have come up with:
Out of curiosity, what is the proteomics facility you are going to?

Sorry I can't offer any advice for your problem, I'm more familiar with the
MS end of proteomics.


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