Role(s) of metal(s) in proteins?

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Sun Oct 7 16:19:24 EST 2001

"Artem Evdokimov" <AEVDOKIMOZ at> wrote in message
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> This defeats the purpose of the excercise. You either learn things in
> or not at all, especially in biology. My suggestion would be to look up
I very strongly and heartily disagree here - as you can't learn everything
in detail. To have a very broad knowledge, even if much of what you know you
don't know in detail, is often essential for seeing the larger picture of
what you are working on. If you think something that you know rather
sketchily becomes relevant to your work, then you can read up on it.

Too many researchers, in my opinion, are too narrow and focussed in their
work - and fail to look at the broader picture.

However, I guess, each to their own, and different types of scientists will
balance out....(I'm a geologist/molecular biologist - that's often hard to
work with, considering I'm not into palaeontology)


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