Prediction of protein structure

Artem Evdokimov AEVDOKIMOZ at
Wed Oct 10 19:13:40 EST 2001

By arbitrary I meant random structures, not just structures with clear
homologies to well-conserved families (e.g. transmembrane multihelix
domains, etc.)

"David Jones" <jones at> wrote in message
news:9q2jss$jd8$1 at
> Artem Evdokimov <AEVDOKIMOZ at> wrote:
> > an existing model. I expect that software that actually predicts
> > structure purely from sequence would win its author the Nobel, but I am
> > holding my breath just yet :)
> There's plenty of software out there that can predict arbitrary structure
> purely from sequence. Of course, if by "arbitrary" you mean "correct",
> you are probably right...
> - David -

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