Prediction of protein structure

Mike Hanlon michael.hanlon at
Fri Oct 12 06:09:48 EST 2001

JPred is pretty good for secondary structure prediction:

When you say predict tertiary structure it depends what you mean:
1. True prediction (i.e. the protein folding problem) is not presently feasible
2. Homology modelling - if you can find a known structure(s) that is similar in
sequence to yours then build the model using that
3 ab initio - ticky, but there is stuff you can do such as fold recognition,

"Karn, Robert" wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>      I wish to predict secondary protein structure (and tertiary, if that's
> feasible) from the amino acid sequence that I have.  In the past, I have
> used older programs that I feel sure must be out of date by now.  Can anyone
> recommend an up-to-date program or programs that I can use for this purpose
> - and tell me how to get them?
> Thanks for your assistance in this matter.
> Bob Karn
> ---

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