disulfide bond or dimerization via iron cluster

Dominic-Luc Webb molmed domweb at mbox.ki.se
Mon Oct 22 15:00:07 EST 2001

On 22 Oct 2001, Guy Nadeau wrote:

   > hi,
   > What kind of procedure i should try if i want to determine if my (!) protein
   > dimerizes via disulfide bond or via a iron-sulfur like interaction ?  It's
   > o.k for the DTT (-S-S-) but a specific assay for dimerization of iron-sulfur
   > protein should be available somewhere... but i still can't find it.

Not my specialty, but a concept I have been exploring for
a similar problem is use of Dynamic Light Scatter analysis.
This is a structural biology technique that gives info
about the globular structure of a protein. I would presume
it can give clues as to whether or not dimers are formed,
so maybe you could use this technique +/- iron/sulfur. This
is simply not my specialty, so I hope an experienced
structural biologist will comment further.



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