finding correct/cheap MW markers for column calibration

Dominic-Luc Webb molmed domweb at
Thu Sep 20 10:56:06 EST 2001

Someone here probably knows this, but not me (not yet)...

I am hoping somewhere there is a table of cheap purified
proteins of known molecular weights for calibrating
sepheryl and other columns.

The issue of the day is a suitable marker for muscle
phosphofructokinase (MW = 85-90 kD). The choices thus
far are not very impressive. There is of course
albumin (MW 65 kD), and then a big jump to aldolase
(MW 160 kD). Aldolase isn't so cheap anyway, so I
thought I would investigate other possibilities.
Galactosidase alse turns out to be a tad pricy.

Anyone know of such a table or a mass produced
(presumably less expensive) protein closer to 85-90
kD than aldolase?

All ideas welcome and appreciated.



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