protein disulfide bonds' trapping and quantification

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Mon Aug 5 12:28:37 EST 2002

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> Who can help to provide a reliable protocol?

For the task in the subject: protein disulfide bonds' trapping and

Have a look at Creighton-TE, J. Mol. Biol. 113 (1977), 295-312

or probably newer texts that cite this, or by Creighton in one of his
books: Protein Function/Protein Structure.

Ah, there it is: 

Creighton, TE (ed.), Protein Structure, A Practical Approach,
Oxford University Press, NY 1997

especially therein:
Hollecker, Michelle, Counting integral numbers of residues by chemical
modification, section 3: Disulfide bonds (pp. 155-159)


Gray, William R., Disulfide bonds between cysteine residues, pp. 165-186

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