How to predict the topological arrangment of cysteines bonding state

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Mon Aug 12 16:26:02 EST 2002

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> lh6549 at (Eagle) schrieb:
> > Dear all,
> > Could anybody be kind enough to tell me whether there are any Academic
> > or commercial program or web-base software to analysis the topological
> > statement of cysteines bonding (form disulfide bridge).
> X-ray crystallography or NMR spectroscopy, I guess.
> I can't think of any rationale that would allow prediction, since the
> disulfide bonding pattern depends on the fold (i.e. the tertiary
> structure). 

I have to correct myself: Homology modelling would be worth a try. For
example, HEWLysozyme and alpha-Lactalbumin which are highly homologous
in sequence also share their disulfide pattern. No wonder, the structure
is similar, too.

Bye, Frank
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