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rs_santhosh at hotmail.com schrieb:

> rs_santhosh at hotmail.com wrote:
> cold one means proteins with hydrophilic patches?

Cold one means nothing, it's complete nonsense. I tried to point out
that your question doesn't make much sense, either. Perhaps you should
read some introductory textbooks and then ask a more specific question.

Expression level depends on a lot of factors, including transcription
level, RNA processing and depletion, codon usage,...

And I assume that what you mean is not barely expression, but rather
"how much of my full length protein do I get in a cell lysate". This,
additionally, depends on growth conditions, wether you get soluble
protein or inclusion bodies, wether your protein is co- or
posttranslationally modified, exported to the periplasm or stays in the
cytosol, its protease sensitivity and so forth.

These last things are influenced by the tendency of the protein to fold
or aggregate, and by its interaction with Chaperones and other
"foldases", and these factors in turn depend on the hydrophobicity of
the unfolded and folded protein and of possible folding
intermediates. However, Chaperone interaction and aggregation are
sometimes rather specific processes. Therefore just counting hydrophobic
"patches" or amino acids doesn't give you much information. 

Does that help? Do you have a specific pair of proteins in mind?

Bye, Frank
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