HBx protein

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Dear Sulakshana,

You can thank of Protein purification similar to synthesis of organic
compounds.  There can be more than one way to purify a protein just
like you can systhesize a compound by more than one sysnthesis method.

Few of the main factors which play a role in the purification strategy

1. End use of the purified protein
2. Purity required
3. Quantity required
4. Material and equipment available 
5. Cost

If you can find a method which suits you then it's OK and saves a lot
of work, otherwise you have to answer the above questions and many
more and work out a method suitable for your application.

Best of Luck,

Indus Biotherapeutics Ltd.
Ahmedabad, INDIA

mukherji at tifr.res.in (Sulakshana Mukherjee) wrote in message news:<Pine.LNX.4.21.0208021720150.1309-100000 at mailhost.tifr.res.in>...
> Dear All,
> I am presently working on HBx protein found in HepatitisB virus. The
> protein has been cloned and over-expressed in E.coli. It is a His-tagged
> protein. It has been found that the protein goes in to the inclusion
> bodies when overexpressed. It has been reported that the protein has a
> rapid turnover.
> I wanted to know what does rapid turn over mean? And also wanted to have a
> protocol for the purification of HBx. I am basically an inorganic chemist.
> Thanks in advance for your valuable input.
> with best regards,
> Sulakshana
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