A New Way to Buy Lab Instruments!

BioSurplus info at biosurplus.com
Tue Aug 20 16:11:53 EST 2002

Now you can easily buy or sell pre-owned Laboratory & IT equipment through
If you are on tight budget purchase quality pre-owned equipment at
BioSurplus.com from reputable organizations and dealers.

If you would like to free up space and turn surplus inventory into cash
check out BioSurplus.com.

Sell or Buy Sequencers, Synthesizers, HPLC, Servers, Routers and more! Save
$1,000's even $10,000's over new equipment.

It's easy and quick to list equipment and there's no listing cost. To
register just go to www.Biosurplus.com .

Take a look at some of the equipment listed you can save on today:
ABI 494 Protein Sequencer
ABI 377 DNA Sequencer
Thermo Luminskan Microplate Luminometer
Applied Biosystems GeneAmp 5700 Sequence Detection System
PE Biosystems -Sciex API 3000 LC/MS/MS
Perseptive Biosystems BioCad 700E

For more details go to www.BioSurplus.com or email us at info at biosurplus.com


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