finding oligomers with "intertwined" structure

Frank Fürst ffrank at
Wed Aug 21 03:02:57 EST 2002

"Artem Evdokimov" <AEVDOKIMOZ at> schrieb:

> Look into the cys-protease superfamily, especially the cathepsins, there are
> some interesting examples.

Do you mean
? I couldn't find information about the cleaved structures, at least not
in CATH or pdb. Do you have a link?

Chymotrypsin itself is an example, but there only one sheet is "mixed"
from both chains.

> IIRC, many proteases are expressed as  single
> gene pre-proteins, then cleaved (often by themselves) into mature forms
> which are, technically, heterodimers.

Yes, sometimes there is some mixing of beta-strands. But the rest of each
chain is a quite independent building block with its own hydrophobic
core. In the structures I mentioned, the chains really make one domain
with a common hydrophobic core(s).

Thanks, Frank
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