finding oligomers with "intertwined" structure

Jiro Takei j.takei at
Wed Aug 21 08:31:23 EST 2002

Does "domain swapped" structures satisfy your criteria? I think that there
was a list of such proteins in one of David Eisenberg's papers.

Jiro, LB, NCI, NIH

in article 87y9b1p7tb.fsf at, Frank Fürst at
ffrank at wrote on 20/8/2002 4:57 PM:

> I am looking for examples of oligomeric proteins that don't consist of
> associated independent structural domains, but rather form one domain
> from the two (or more) polypeptide chains. I know of some examples: the
> heterooligomers pea (2ltn) and lentil (1len, 1lal) lectin, which result
> from proteolytical processing of one gene product, and some fibrous
> phage proteins (e.g. see Mitraki et al, J. Struct. Biol. 137(2002),
> 236ff) or the C-terminal domain of homotrimeric P22 tailspike protein
> (1tsp). But I'd like to have more of them.
> Does anybody have an idea, or even a complete program or database link,
> how I could search the protein structure database (pdb) for such
> structures?
> Thanks in advance,
> Frank

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