gamma-PAK Antibody C-19

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That was my original thought, too.  However, I then noticed their catalogue
description:  "Epitope mapping at the carboxy terminus of g-PAK p62 of human
origin (identical to corresponding rat sequence)".  I checked more than one
POSTED human sequence against more than one POSTED rat sequence in the
database, and all show that 11 residues from the c-terminus human g-PAK
contains Methionine, whereas rat g-PAK contains Lysine.  If I take Santa
Cruz's description as accurate then the epitope would not be from the
extreme c-terminus.  Maybe it is wrong of me to assume they would not make
such a misprint, or perhaps they have different sequence data that I could
not find.

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> Santa Cruz's number system usually tells what the epitope was.  For
> gamma-PAK C-19, I would bet  that a peptide consisting of the very
> COOH-terminal 19 amino acids were used as the antigen.
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> I have been using an antibody raised against a sequence corresponding
> to (or
> near?) the c-terminus of human gamma-PAK (PAK I, PAK2).  This antibody
> is
> catalogue #sc-1519 from Santa Cruz Biotechnology.  I have contacted
> them
> inquiring about the residues this was raised against so I know where
> to
> focus on some interesting data I have obtained.  However, they refuse
> to
> disclose the information.  I have searched all journal articles I could
> find
> for any published information that could help, but turned up with
> nothing.
> (I even checked for any patented information).  Does anyone know the
> residues this antibody recognized, or know of a place I can find
> reliable
> information?
> Thanks in advance.

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