sigma 1

Martinez Serrano, Jose jose.martinez-serrano at
Wed Aug 28 17:04:29 EST 2002

hi, everybody!

I have a problem with a expressing a protein called sigma-1 receptor factor.
The aa sequence is:


I must say I am not an expert. We have tried bacterial expression with
pet-24 system and baculovirus systema (bac to one) but with no success. Does
anybody have an explanation for that? Do you have any suggestions to express
this protein? Do you have any information about problems with membrane
proteins expression?

About 3D structure I think there are 2 mainly types of prediction models,
those based in homologous proteins of known structre that use them as
templates and ab initio models. Unfortunetly it seems there's no quite
homologous structures of known structure. What could I do?



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