small scale purification

Mark Bowen mboNOT at
Mon Dec 2 09:03:13 EST 2002

Duncan Clark wrote:

> Everyone is so spoilt these days :)
> Back in ye olde days one couldn't buy pre-made columns so you made up 
> your own from anything at hand.
> Pipette tips with glass wool in the end, Pasteur pipettes, syringes 
> etc etc. 

Thank goodness I am no longer living in the olde days.  In the modern 
days I can buy things that save time and effort rather than money. 
 Money is not always worth more than one's time.  By buying something 
specific and using it for the intended purpose, I find that I get much 
better reproducibility when processing many samples over time.  

I did manange to find something in line with what I was originally 
asking for.  If anyone else is interested in small scale chromatography 
(and not overly concerned about a $3 price tag) check out the link below 
(not affiliated).  I plan to test them.

Mark Bowen

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