small scale purification

S.Ballal ballal_sv at
Sun Dec 8 20:38:17 EST 2002

I agree with Mark that time is what we need to save but I have fould
this a limitation of end users of our times, (I take the liberty of
assuming that Mr. Clark is in this business for many more years than
we are) that we don't mind spending a lot of time (days?)in search for
a right product which can save our time and effort instead of trying
out another option.

I have seen many people spending hours on the net to look for a
product to save them a few hours of experiment.

Nothing personal against Mark, just an observation.

As far as can remember, few years back I had used columns from
Perseptive Biosystems now I guess they are called Applied Biosystems.
They have some small columns for packing their POROS media for trials.
Works well with other media too.

Best of Luck

Indus Biotherapeutics Ltd.
Ahmedabad, INDIA

Duncan Clark <junk@[]> wrote in message news:<sjRz5idFYM79EAjk@[]>...
> Historians believe that in newspost <asgr1v$s6s$1 at news.Stanford.EDU> on 
> Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Mark Bowen <mboNOT at> penned the 
> following literary masterpiece:
> >Thank goodness I am no longer living in the olde days.  In the modern 
> >days I can buy things that save time and effort rather than money. 
> >Money is not always worth more than one's time.
> I agree entirely. Time is the expensive bit, unless one needs just one 
> item but have to buy a minimum of 100, which jacks the whole price up 
> etc  :)
> Duncan

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