small scale purification

Mark Bowen mboNOT at
Thu Dec 12 05:14:28 EST 2002

Biochesitry is changing. Through advances in methodology, experiments 
can now be done with orders of magnitude less sample volume.  It is now 
possible to do PCR on the nanoliter scale.  For hard to make samples 
this economy of scale opens up whole new areas of study.  The 
chromatography still needs to be reproducible and precise which is why 
finding the right components is preferable to aftermarket modifications 
to pipet tips.  

I don't know how long anyone has been doing biochemistry, and I've made 
my share of things out of legos and tape.  I was looking for assitance 
in finding materials.  I appear to have tapped into some deep rooted 
resentment towards people you feel are trying to cut corners.  

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