pKa of a His tag.

Artem Evdokimov AEVDOKIMOZ at
Mon Feb 18 20:03:52 EST 2002

Just remember that thrombin is promiscuous and can eat up your protein if
you have sequences that resemble thrombin cleavage site.

good luck !

"John Everett" <kellere at> wrote in message
news:5a7ca595.0202181636.b751328 at
> Artem,
>    Thanks for the advice once again.
>    The carboxy peptidase sounds interesting
>    though I am already cloning in a thrombin
>    clevage site adjacent to the His tag.
>    The pH of 7.0 or less is indeed to prevent
>    amide proton - solvent exchange when the
>    sample is in the NMR.
>       Thanks,
>          John

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