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Frank Fürst ffrank at
Sun Jul 7 06:33:34 EST 2002

deleonardis at schrieb:

> Hi,
> I'm a Ph d sudent and I'm working for an ipotetical mitochondrial or
> peroxisome carrier protein (human)  (maybe Aprille's carrier) and I just
> work with my protein fused with GFP, but I dont'have any evidence of
> mitochondrial localization for my protein (i used CHO cell). So, the best
> software for alignment give an high omology with Ca2+ binding solute carrier
> protein  of rabbit.....but other softwares say that my protein is
> cytosolic(Prosite, ecc) . I study  in vitro (ricostituited into
> proteoliposome) the transport of my protein cloned and overexpressed in
> E.coli.........
> Does anyone help me, such as say me the best software for subcellular
> loclization ....ecc.

Software? Why don't you do experiments. If the predictions of different
software are different, I would not rely on any one of them. 

Bye, Frank
> But I don't really see running SETI at Home as practical as Folding at Home.  What,
> exactly, would be the benefit of finding intelligent aliens on the other side
> of the galaxy?
Maybe they're broadcasting the principles of protein folding... [from bionet.*]

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