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Tue Jul 23 20:58:01 EST 2002

There's a number of methods that can be used for protein extraction out of
electrophoresis gel matrices. They range from crushing the gel & soaking, to
electroelution, to digestion of the matrix with chemicals (e.g. potassium
iodide-agarose) or enzymes. It all depends on what do you need the protein
FOR. If it's mass-spec then some techniques are better than others (for
example, MS really does not like polyacrylamide fragments which are common
contaminants in many elution techniques).


"Yuyuan Guo" <yuyuan at> wrote in message
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> Does somebody know how to isolate proteins from PAGE Gel after
> electrophoresis? Any information is welcome.
> I hope to get a protocol.
> Thanks.
> Sincerely
> Guo

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