BioAdviser 1.0

D.K. dk at
Wed Jul 24 10:26:33 EST 2002

"Artem Evdokimov" <AEVDOKIMOZ at> wrote:
>> Maybe in next version...
>> All comments, advices and wishes are welcomed. We really would like to
>> know what our customers want. :-)
>A hybrid of O and Quanta with AI capabilities so that it can take away all
>the fun crystallographers have building structures :)

I'd even be more than happy with a program a lot less powerful than 
O or Quanta. All I want for basic modelling is friendliness and "natural" 
tools.  Something as logical as vector graphics "art" programs. 
Stereo support is a must though. 

>Seriously, though, when someone writes software that incorporates all the
>good features of O, Quanta, & XtalView 

And does away with all their mighty unfreindliness and bizarre logic... 

>it'll sell like hotcakes. 

Oh, yes, absolutely. 

> in the relatively small world of crystallographers, at least.

Well, to compensate for this one can sell licence on annual contract
basis, so that all customers pay you for as long as they use your
product. (That's basically what car dealers do :-)). I think everyone
can be happy this way.


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