2D gel: spot disappearance

Philipp Wechner philipp.wechner at uibk.ac.at
Fri Jul 26 05:04:56 EST 2002

Anne-Françoise Marchand schrieb:

> Hi,
> Two years ago, I have done about 50 2D gels (silver staining  +
> glutaraldehyde).  After analyse, we have fond one very interesting spot.
> Thus we decided to do the same maps (same protocol) with the same sample
> frozen at -80°C. The spot had disappeard!

maybe your protein did not disappear but precipitated during freezing. is
there a pellet in your sample?

> How can you explain that?  Do you have any solution to find again the
> spot? Do you have a protocol to extract a spot from a silver staining
> gel with glut. (I shoud analysed the spot with a Q-TOF!)?
> How can I know the name of this spot?
> Thanks for your ideas.
> Anne-Françoise.
> anne-francoise.marchand at umh.ac.be

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