STREP-Tag purification

Artem Evdokimov AEVDOKIMOZ at
Fri Jun 14 22:05:03 EST 2002

Depends what you use the protein for :) Just as any tag, there are problems.
For example we could not crystallize one of our proteins with a C-terminal
STREP tag, even though it'd crystallize just fine with Argx5, Hisx6 and (!)
the biotin-acceptor peptide.

STREP tag is definitely NOT my first choice, in general.
"Philipp Wechner" <philipp.wechner at> wrote in message
news:3D09C559.EEA9E8CD at
> Hi dear newsgroup....
> Does anybody have experience with the STREP tag? Is it efficient to
> purify taged proteins? any problems with urea?

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