STREP-Tag purification

Frank Fürst ffrank at
Mon Jun 24 11:15:30 EST 2002

Philipp Wechner <philipp.wechner at> schrieb:

> Artem Evdokimov schrieb:
> > AFAIK, it does not mind DTT. Can you use TCEP instead of DTT ? Also
> > keep in mind, that up to 5-10 mM BME are not necessarily bad for
> > Ni-NTA, at least in several cases we've tried.
> The DTT is not the biggest problem. I want to extract my protein from
> inclusion bodies in E.coli. After treating the IB with 7M Urea or 5 M
> GuHCl i tried to get my protein by NTA-Chormatography (C-terminal
> 6xHis tag). However, the protein does not bind too good - but its OK.
> After extracting the protein i tried to renaturate it by
> dillution. The only buffer that worked for this is 1,2 M Tris (not
> accepatable for NTA) 10 mM DTT (also not too good for the column :)

It might be that the His-tag prevents it from proper refolding, but
perhaps you didn't try hard enough finding a suitable buffer.

What have you tried so far? What do you know about the protein - size,
pI, are there refolding data about homologues?

Bye, Frank
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