Zomes II

Danny Chamovitz DannyC at tauex.tau.ac.il
Sun Mar 10 09:24:31 EST 2002

The meeting =93ZOMES II: COP9 Signalosome, Proteasome, and eIF3: at the =
Crossroads of Signaling=94 =
(http://www.tau.ac.il/lifesci/botany/USR/chamovitz/zomes2/), which was =
postponed due to the terrorist attacks last fall, has been rescheduled =
for the Turkish Riviera between April 29th and May 1st 2002.  The =
Organizing Committee has put together a program consisting of the =
following main sessions - The Ubiquitin/Proteasome system: Structure and =
links to other signaling pathways, Cop9 signalosome (CSN): structure and =
participation in signaling, The physiological roles of CSN5/JAB1 and =
other subunits, eIF3, translational initiation, and interactions with =
other =91zomes=92, and Bioinformatics: Comparative Zomes. Talks will =
still be selected from the submitted abstracts. We expect the =
participation of some 75 senior scientists, postdocs and graduate =
students, from around the world. Prices for postdocs and students are =
highly subsidized. We believe the structure of the scientific program, =
the bringing together of senior and junior scientists, and an informal =
atmosphere will create, as in the previous symposium, an intimate and =
highly stimulating meeting. =20


Danny Chamovitz
Co-Chair, Organizing Committee

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