New Technologies for Proteomics

Steve Smith steve.smith at
Tue Mar 12 08:52:51 EST 2002

Hi, Micromass would like to invite all bionet.molbio-proteins users to
attend our New Technology Seminars

The topics covered will include - :

*** High throughput methods for proteome analysis by MALDI-MS and
*** Harnessing exact mass data for the confident assignment of
protein/peptide PTMs and metabolite ID
*** ProteinLynx v2.0 - A total protein informatics platform, not 'just' a
search engine
*** Micromass' latest advances in high sensitivity tandem quadrupole
*** 21 CFR 11 - New tools for compliant enterprises
*** MassLynx 4.0 - the next generation of 'personalised' Mass-Informatics
for the environmental, pharmaceutical, health and life sciences

On-line registration for the following seminars is available via our web
site ,attendance is free of charge but,
places are limited so please register early.

8th April, Stockholm, Sweden.
10th April, Helsinki, Finland.
12th April, Copenhagen, Denmark.
--more venues to follow soon

21st March, Somerest, New Jersey
16th April, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
17th April, St. Paul, Minnesota.
18th April, St. Louis, Missouri.
19th April, Glencoe, Illinois.
22nd April, Boulder, Colorado.
23rd April, La Jolla, California.
23rd April, Salt Lake City, Utah.
24th April, Lake Oswego, Oregon.
25th April, So. San Francisco, California.
25th April, Seattle, Washington.
26th April, Palo Alto, California.
--more venues to follow soon.

for more info, programs and on-line registration visit

Hope this is useful

If you are going to Pittcon next week then we still have some places left at
our MassLynx 4.0, 21 CFR 11 and Metabolite ID workshops ( for more information )

Steve Smith
Micromass UK

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