Best sequencing apparatus for footprinting?

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Mon Mar 18 09:16:08 EST 2002

Anamika <anamikagupta at> wrote in message news:<20020315214723.10451.qmail at>...
> Hi,
> I have to do footprinting experiments & need to buy sequencing apparatus. A
> colleague suggested BIO-RAD 's Sequigen system. Are there any others
> available? Is there a system out there which makes pouring sequencing gels
> easy? I am looking for something that is easy to assemble & does not involve
> tape!
> Thank you,
> Anamika
> <>

With footprinting you probably mean fingerprinting?? Well we use a
VGI(Visible Genetics Inc.) from Open Gene. Its a very good and simple
machine. The gels are also easy to make, it will take you 4 minutes to
do so. They have to glasses glued together than you poor the gel
inbetween. Put it in de polymeraser (UV light) and 'toast' it for 3
minutes and ready you are. So very simple.
It gives nice resulst to. Well hope i helped you out.

Patrick (Holland)

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