Measuring peptide concentration

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at
Mon Mar 18 18:18:12 EST 2002

Use Protparam tool at to calculate molar extinction
coefficient of your peptide and use it for your spectrophotometric
measurements. Peptides absorb light at 280nm even if they don't contain any
aromatic residues. I hope it is needless to say that you should use same 10%
DMSO in PBS as a reference. If you believe there are impurities in your
samples, I would suggest determining absorption spectra of your peptide
solutions at ~200-350nm (or at least 250-330nm). If your sample is pure, you
should see a nice peak at around 276-280nm. Be aware that peptide bond
absorbs at 214nm, but there might be a lot of interference from impurities
you may have in your sample.


"JB" <j.bukczynskiDELETE_ME at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> Does anyone know how to measure peptide concentration using a
> spectrophotometer? I have it dissolved in 10% DMSO in PBS. Any help
> would be appreciated. Thanks,
> Jacob

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