OK, we have His tags, but what about Cys tags?

Artem Evdokimov AEVDOKIMOZ at cinci.rr.com
Tue Mar 19 19:27:35 EST 2002

Likely. Unfortunately, you will run into problems with oxidative
crosslinking. A worthy idea, nevertheless- I have not seen practical
application papers using this method for protein purification, however SH
groups are frequently used to couple stuff to gold layers in various
analytical methods.


"Wyrin" <dsy21 at cam.ac.uk> wrote in message
news:a77khc$31t$1 at pegasus.csx.cam.ac.uk...
> If you can extract His-tagged proteins using nickel, is it possible to use
> Cys tags to extract with silver or gold?
> I've tried a PubMed and Google search, but would appreciate some pointers
> anyone knows of any examples.
> Thanks

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