2D Protein Gel Analysis

Mike Allen mallen at wlu.ca
Thu May 2 14:07:33 EST 2002

Hello everyone
I am just beginning to use Biorad's PDQuest 2D gel analysis software,
and I was wondering if there is a less subjective way of setting
protein detection parameters: at the moment I adjust sensitivity and
signal threshold until it seems that what appear to be real "dots" to
me are picked up from the most lightly stained gel of the group being
studied. While this works within any one set of comparisons, between
comparisons...? Does this just mean that the running and staining of
gels should always be exactly the same, and then the same detection
thresholds are used all the time?

Thanks for any help

Mike Allen
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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