New discovery opens a new horizon for the structural and bio-chemistry

S. Sarg sarg at
Tue May 14 21:13:43 EST 2002

A new unified field theory unveils the physical structure of the atomic 
nuclei. The proton and neutrons in the atomic nuclei follows a strict spatial 
order with a signature of the row-column pattern of the Periodic table. So the 
nuclear configuration defines the orbitals of any one of the electrons in a 
limited angular range.  This may provide a new horizon of the structural and 
bio-chemistry (for example, in the study of chemical shifts in enzymes).  The 
magnetic energy flowing through the long chain molecule is evidently a result 
of orbital plane orientations held by the nuclear configuration. When tested 
with simple molecules the proposed physical models are in excellent agreement 
with the VSEPR model in the chemistry.

Visit:  (Atlas of Atomic Nuclear structures)
  (Basic Structures of Matter - a new 
unified field theory)

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