New discovery opens a new horizon for the structural and bio-chemistry

Susanne Rohrer rohrersusanne.spam at
Thu May 16 12:24:35 EST 2002

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Tim Davies wrote:

> Can you please provide references as to the accuracy in calculating
> structure. Is it possible to run your program on known complex
> structure?
> thanks
> Tim Davies
> "S. Sarg" wrote:
> >
> > A new unified field theory unveils the physical structure of the atomic
> > nuclei. The proton and neutrons in the atomic nuclei follows a strict spatial
> > order with a signature of the row-column pattern of the Periodic table. So the
> > nuclear configuration defines the orbitals of any one of the electrons in a
> > limited angular range.  This may provide a new horizon of the structural and
> > bio-chemistry (for example, in the study of chemical shifts in enzymes).  The
> > magnetic energy flowing through the long chain molecule is evidently a result
> > of orbital plane orientations held by the nuclear configuration. When tested
> > with simple molecules the proposed physical models are in excellent agreement
> > with the VSEPR model in the chemistry.
> >
> > Visit:  (Atlas of Atomic Nuclear structures)
> >
> >  (Basic Structures of Matter - a new
> > unified field theory)

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