Protocol for ATPase Assay? i.e. radioactive vs non-radioactive

dustjohn at dustjohn at
Tue Nov 12 00:44:41 EST 2002

I am in need of a decent protocol to measure ATP hydrolysis in solution.  One way to do it is to hydrolyze radioactive ATP (cleave off the gamma-32P), use charcoal and TCA to remove protein/ATP/ADP and then scintillation count an aliquot of the supernatant.  However this method is not the greatest because there are high background levels of 32PPi in the supernatant if the ATP solution is not pure.  Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I should do?  Are there any relatively cheap non-radioactive ATPase assays?  Any ideas of a good positive control (I'm working with a Ser/Thr protein kinase so any enzyme along this line would be fantastic).
Thanks for your help!

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