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Wed Nov 13 17:37:42 EST 2002

I do not have much experience working with proteins. Currently, I am working on cold hardiness studies in Rhododendrons. I am looking for a specific 'Dehydrin' and in SDS-PAGE gels, I see smearing at the top in cold acclimated and non-acclimated samples of one particular species and I do not observe this pattern in case of other species. I am using borate buffer for extraction followed by TCA precipitation. I use exactly same protocol for all the extractions. I think this smearing could be attributed to the carbohydrates and I assume they might not necessarily be bound to the proteins and are not migrating along. They just cause smears!!! and I do not think that there is degradation involved either because, the bands are very sharp. I would definitely appreciate if anyone could help me in this regard.
Thank you very much!

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