IgM immunoprecipitation

D.K. dk at no.email.thankstospam.net
Wed Nov 13 21:12:06 EST 2002

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>On Tue, 12 Nov 2002 1:28:03 -0500, D.K. wrote
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>>  Jos Broers <Jos.Broers at molcelb.unimaas.nl> wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> Is it possible to perform an immunoprecipitation with protein-A 
>>> sepaharose beads and a mouse IgM antibody?
>>> I doubt whether I get any binding.
>> You are right, you won't have binding.
>> Check Pierce catalog - if i remember correctly (not sure)
>> there is something (lectin?) that binds IgM specifically.
>> DK
>Try Protein G agarose or protein A/G agarose

I am reasonably sure protein G does *not* bind IgM.
The lectin I was thinking about is called "mannan
binding protein". 


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