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Thu Nov 14 17:05:55 EST 2002

Dear proteomics community:

I am conducting a study concerning the future of 2D electrophoresis (Gel 2D) as a protein separation method. It would be of great help if some of you could answer the following questions.

1-Do you presently use 2D electrophoresis as a protein separation method? What are the advantages of such a method compared to other separation method? 
2-If so, how long do you plan on using it for research purposes?
3-If you are not presently using 2D gels, do you plan on adopting such technique in your research? When?
4-In your opinion, which technique will dominate the protein separation field 5 years from now (2D gels, liquid chromatography, etc)? 10 years from now?

Thank you very much,

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John Dabek Ph.D., MBA.
Strategic Market Analysis Group 

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