protein precipitation

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Wed Nov 20 13:44:46 EST 2002

If you don't care about losing activity of the protein, then TCA should be
fine. However, you might want to check out Pierce's Compat-able reagent (no
affil.). It seems like it works pretty good. Also check the company which
patent pierce use in this reagent (I don;tremember the name, it is sais on
the Compat-able lable whose trademark are the reagents in th ekit.

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> I would like to concentrate a sample of proteins with less than 1 ug
(aout 900ng) in 1ml. What is the best precipitation method to use for a
maximum recovery? I have heard about deoxycholate/TCA but it seems that
recovery is 50% , which is not very good. Any advice?
> Many thanks,
> Sigrid

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