Analyzing Basic Proteins with IEF

vampiricvivien at vampiricvivien at
Mon Nov 25 09:07:25 EST 2002

I encounter a task on IEF. It stated the normal restriction of the separation of basic proteins in IEF, as the is a drift in the pH gradient (eg. ph 3-10)at the basic end (e.g. pH 9-10) of the gel under prolonged running of gel, causing the inability of basic protein (e.g. pI >9) in entering the gel. How to solve the problem using the same set up, at least to get the basic protein into the gel and be resolved?

Why is there a drift in pH? 

I thought about running the IEF at very high voltage for a shorter time, but then it might risk the break-down of the polyacrylamide matrix. Is there a better way to resolve the matter?

Thank you very much. 

Vivien Fok

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