protein precipitation

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at
Fri Nov 29 08:13:37 EST 2002

s.hannier at wrote:

> I would like to concentrate a sample of proteins with less than 1 ug 
> (aout 900ng) in 1ml. What is the best precipitation method to use for a
> maximum recovery? I have heard about deoxycholate/TCA but it seems that
> recovery is 50% , which is not very good. Any advice?

Chloroform/Methanol (Wessel & Flügge) or phenol (Sauve et al) can
precipitate small amounts of protein with near complete recovery. In my
experience however proteins may be difficult to re-dissolve, but I am
working with big transmembrane proteins, so your milage may vary.

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