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pbbasquelch duowtherightstuff at
Tue Oct 8 11:20:10 EST 2002

There's a lot of money to be made on the Internet advertising your
products/services.  Just count the number of e-mail ads in your own 

Most of those advertisers are making money.  Even the "Big Boys" like
Microsoft, AOL, and AT & T send out e-mail ads.

If you want to succeed with bulk email then you need these disks. 

Forget about finding email addresses with those flaky email harvesting programs,
most of those fall into anti-spam traps which are designed to spit out millions of bogus
email addresses. We never use software like that. Most of our addresses are extracted 
with the "human" touch. We use specially designed software that first prequalifies the
website or newsgroup to make sure it's not a spam trap and then extracts the email addresses
based on keywords we select. On top of that, a real person overlooks the whole process.

Our compilation is a 3 disk set of email addresses featuring categories like:

Business Opportunity seekers, MLM, Gambling, Adult, Auctions, Golf, Auto, Fitness
Health, Investments, Sports, Phsychics, Opt-in Etc..

There are 300 Million worldwide email addresses in total for only $99.

You don't have to pay thousands for a good email list. Our list is updated 
and screened for removals every 3 months 

Everything is fully exportable and will work with any bulk mailing program.

Call us now for more information or to place an order.


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