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pH gradients tend to break down at the basic end of the scale and this
renders isoelectric focussing useless for extremely basic proteins.
You could try NEPHGE (non equilibrium pH gel electrophoresis) and use
extremeley basic proteins (such as histones) as a molecular marker for how
basic your proteins are. Essentially NEPHGE is the same protocol as
isoelectric focussing except that the gels are ran for shorter periods of
time. This means that you are not really separaqting on the basis of
isoelectric point but the charge to mass ratio of the proteins.

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Could anyone suggest some points on estimation of isoelectric point of basic
proteins by IEF? I find the IEF strips available mostly have a given PI
range of below 10.

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Does anybody know how to make a protein fused to the Fc portion of human IgG
? I know that vectors containing GFP, V5, His, or flag-tag are commercially
available. But, I have not seen any commercially available vector containing
Fc portion of human IgG. Do I have to obtain cDNA coding IgG Fc first?

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