SDS-PAGE protein processing

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Mon Oct 21 11:35:00 EST 2002

Posttranslational modification? Occurs in the brain, but not in the cultured
cells? Try dephosphorylate with phosphatase or remove other modifications
with phosphodiesterase and see if this makes those bands shift lower.

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> I am looking at p2xy protein using an antibody plus rat brain control. I
find that I am getting one molecular weight for the rat brain which is also
seen in my protein samples. This specific band disappears with
preabsorption. However, when I run a different protein sample from cultured
cells using a human brain control I also get matching bands in my control
and test proteins but they are at a much higher molecular weight, using the
same antibody. All the bands also disappear using preabsorption.
> can anyone explain what might be happening as I am looking for the same
protein in the cultured and other samples using the same antibody but
getting different molecular weights?
> Thanks

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