SDS-PAGE protein processing

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Fri Oct 25 04:22:48 EST 2002

2 different samples: term placenta and cultured term cells. Using one antibody with two controls: rat brain and human brain.
I get a band at expected mwt in term placenta and rat brain but then when I use human brain and cultured term cells I get a matching higher mwt band in both the human brain control and cultured cells.
All of these bands disappear with preabsorption!
I hope this is clearer.

Peter Cherepanov wrote:

> ....or alternative splicing?

> But, actually it is hard to understand what you mean.
> Is that in 2 different samples (one from brain and one from cell culture)
> you have different MWs, or that the same sample gives you differnt MW when
> you run it on another gel?

> Peter

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