MW of carbohydrate moiety

Karn, Robert rkarn at
Tue Oct 29 17:52:12 EST 2002

Dear Colleagues,
	I have identified a carbohydrate moiety of ca. 3,000 Da bonded to a protein of interest to me at a sequence conforming to the AsN-X-Ser/Thr concensus.  Several biochemists I have consulted tell me that the MW of this moiety is exactly that expected for such a post-translational modification.  I'm interested in publishing my observations on this and other characteristics of the protein and I need a reference for that claim (concerning the expected MW).  My biochemist colleagues have referred me to volumes 106 and 107 of Methods in Enzymology and I have perused those but a specific reference to an MW of 3,000 for such moieties has so far eluded me.  Does anyone know of a reference to this claim?
Bob Karn

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